Shapeez Sizing Guide

Body Size
30"–32" 33"–34" 35"–37" 38"–40" 41"–43" 44"–46"
7.5" XS-A Small-AA        
8" XS-B Small-A Medium-AA    
8.5" XS-C Small-B Medium-A Large-AA    
9" XS-D Small-C Medium-B Large-A    
9.5"   Small-D Medium-C Large-B XL-A  
10"   Small-DD Medium-D Large-C XL-B  
10.5"   Small-DDD Medium-DD Large-D XL-C 1X-B
11"   Small-E Medium-DDD Large-DD XL-D 1X-C
11.5"     Medium-E Large-DDD XL-DD 1X-D
12"     Medium-F Large-E XL-DDD 1X-DD
13" *Large-F *XL-E *1X-DDD


How to Find These Sizes?

Bra Size:
Body Size:

Fit Issues

Cup Size is too big

You are not filling out the cup
The cup wrinkles


Cup Size is too small

Your breasts overflow the cups
The cup is flattening the top portion of your breasts
Sides of the cups bulge


Body Size is too big

Underwires do not lie flat against your breastbone

Underwires shift downward
Your body shifts and moves around
There are horizontal fabric creases under your bust
There is excess fabric around your tummy
There is a feeling of inadequate breast support


Body Size is too small

You are struggling to put it on
It rolls up or won’t stay down
Your breasts are flattened
You feel general discomfort
It cuts into your front underarm
It doesn’t smooth out your back